*The model refreshes automatically

I have created a model to predict games  using the "Four Factors of Basketball Success", which was created by Dean Oliver. If you don't know these Four Factors, you should really go learn about them as I will not be getting in great detail about them. In short, the four factors that can help predict which basketball team will win a game includes: Shooting, Turnovers, Rebounding, Free Throws. Using these four factors I was able to come up with a betting model that can help me predict the point spread of games.

If you look above at the NBA Model - Today's Games chart, you can see the Model Spread column. An important note, in the Model Spread Column, positive numbers mean the home team is favored by that many points and negative numbers mean the away team is favored by that many points; the opposite of what actual points spreads are. 

This model was created in Google Sheets, and I am only showing a snippet of the model that shows all the outputs. I may do a more detailed write up on it later on.